"'Sustainable Healthcare Reform' is a clear, concise, logical, and data-driven chronology of how we have arrived at the current healthcare crisis in America. Dr. Trobiani makes a compelling case for a solution that will benefit patients, providers, employees, and employers. I'm sharing copies of the book with my partners, family, and friends. It is refreshing to hear of an alternative to the Affordable Care Act that could be supported by the vast majority of the population." ~D.A., Maple Grove, MN

"Change is coming to Health Care. The more our lawmakers are exposed to solid information about Health Care along with realistic models to change it, the better off we can all be. We have seen the power of grass roots movements in our recent elections. The same is needed for meaningful Health Care Reform. I became a member of the Sustainable Health Care Reform Organization, as it is my chance to have my voice heard and to learn more about it." ~David Berdahl,

"I am a woman in my 20s working for a small firm that does not offer health insurance. I was optimistic that the passage of the Affordable Care Act would allow me to obtain health insurance at a price I could afford. I was sickened to learn that my rates will likely double next year as a consequence of ObamaCare. Worse yet, the network of physicians and hospitals available to me through the health insurance exchange will shrink. I will be paying more but getting less. How sick is that? Dr. Trobiani offers a much better alternative in his book Sustainable Healthcare Reform. Perhaps President Obama should try reading it." ~Katie, 20s Young Professional